Morning Person

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Funny story-I meant for this comic to come out easily a week or longer ago but Life got in the way- quite disheartening to say the least but hell- at least it is up and online now! That being said, Mockery and Vodka Fam' I know I don't ask for much-besides your endless patience and attentive readership but I've included a few Funds and Charities I'd love for you to support (if you're able! Hell, just spreading the word helps to some extent!)

  • Legal Support Fund (These women are friends of mine. They are dealing with a messed up legal situation for standing up and doing the right thing. Please donate or share.)
  • California Fire Foundation (The California Fire Foundation’s Supplying Aid to Victims of Emergency (SAVE) program provides emergency short-term financial assistance to fire and natural disaster victims.)
  • RAINN (When you give to RAINN, you’re not just donating to an organization—you’re helping to improve the lives of thousands of people affected by sexual violence.)