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01-04-2016 " I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS MOTHERFUCKING GENDER IDENTITY POLICING IN THIS MOTHERFUCKING SOCIETY!"  No but seriously folks-as a child, from the moment I was aware enough to realize I am/would become a woman, all matter of insecurity, self esteem, and self identity flared up, boiled over, and swelled so to speak. I remember comparing myself to the more conventionally beautiful 'Barbie' like girls in middle school, high school, and in college and even years later- it took a long while for me to realize- I like and appreciate me- the way I look, the way I act, the way I am is part genetics and part my upbringing/raising (of which obviously I wouldn't take any of it back), and also is part of my own creation! That being said- I obviously am human therefore I still have insecurities and anxieties about my physical appearance-and the worst is comparing myself to others. It also took me a while to realize- we are all women, despite our religion, race, physical appearance, sexual orientation, whether we be cis or trans- and we get to decide who we are- who we are meant to be. Nobody gets to determine that for us-as much as others may try to assume that responsibility. So rock on, badass bitches!