Photography By Chris Whitmore,  Elden Images .

Photography By Chris Whitmore, Elden Images.

Author and Illustrator


Mockery and Vodka is an autobiographical comic series of Kassandra Davis. Loosely based on her actual experiences, observations, opinions, and uncensored ramblings. The narratives are told through the perspective of a young, female protagonist, living in the urban utopia of odd and alternative, Seattle, Washington.


Born and raised in Southern California-, on the 21st year of her existence she was summoned by witchcraft of the school acceptance variety to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle, Washington. This cartoonist (why yes, she does moonlight as a model, why do you ask?) attended the Cornish College of the Arts and graduated in 2013, earning a Bachelors in Fine Arts. Actually true enough- like an evil spirit she decided she wanted to haunt the halls of the school until her dying day- in order to make room for incoming students- and to get her the hell outta there, the administration chucked a degree out the window and she soon followed after it. Her lifework’s is to tell unabashed, truthful, and enlightening narratives which make the viewer laugh  while also reflecting upon the themes presented.

She works primarily in comics, illustrations, and scribbles. Mostly scribbles. Her primary shtick is as the writer and artist behind Mockery and Vodka.